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Here is a gallery of some of the work we have completed. Check out our YouTube channel to see us in action!

Horse Arena

Excavating for a new horse riding arena, three 12hr days sorted this little job.

Burst Pipe

Upon arrival, we swiftly delved into uncovering the source of the leak—a troublesome 12" cast iron pipe losing water at a lead collar. Assured by the worker in the trench that it would be a quick fix, we aimed to repair the leak without shutting off the water supply. However, as he worked to clean the joint, the leak exacerbated. Hastily, we upgraded from a 2" water pump to a more robust 6" pump to prevent flooding in the excavation. Eventually, we reached the consensus that the water supply needed to be shut off. With precision, the collar was excised, replaced with a new section of pipe, and securely bolted in place before restoring water flow. After an exhaustive 22-hour endeavor, what was initially anticipated as a brief task was finally concluded.

Working With the Environment Agency

In collaboration with the Environment Agency and a partnering company, the task involved the meticulous removal and treatment of invasive Japanese Knotweed along the riverbank, earmarked for residential redevelopment. Given the presence of industrial contamination, safeguarding the integrity of the river during the operation was paramount. The comprehensive cleanup effort not only targeted the eradication of Japanese Knotweed but also involved the removal of antiquated concrete foundations. Upon completion, the riverbank stood pristine, its contours gracefully angled at 45 degrees, ready to embrace the upcoming residential transformation.

Temporary Compound

This temporary compound served the needs of an electric company. We efficiently cleared the hedgerow, stripped away the grass, and meticulously laid down a foundation of type 1 MOT stone. The project was completed swiftly, leaving another satisfied customer in our wake.
Ground Works
From wasteland to a row of shops and a doctors surgery.

An emergency call out due to a collapsed gabion wall.  We reduce dug and made the site safe.  The council were happy and so was the client.

Ditch Cleaning

Ditch cleaning in the summer, ready for the bad winter weather.

Archaelogy Dig

Reassembling a field after collaborating with an archaeology team. It's a meticulous process, but as the landscape gradually returns to its former state, we witness the resurrection of stories long buried beneath the earth's surface.